God is Great. Beer is Good. And Writers are Crazy.

God is Great. Beer is Good. And People are Crazy.

Well okay, in my case, God is great, margaritas are good, and people are crazy, but you get the idea.

The most important of these for the purpose of this blog, is that People are crazy!

Okay, all people are crazy, if you haven’t figured that out by now, you haven’t lived among people.

But authors/writers of all sorts are among he craziest people who exist! Especially fiction writers.

Think about it. These people create worlds and situations they have never actually seen before, except for in their imagination. These amazing people can take two (or more) unrelated things and create a story that others actually want to read.

The best example I can think of is the way my thought processes work. I know a middle school librarian (BigBlackCat97) who has to erase the penises that middle school boys draw in the back of the dictionary. (Middle school boys all think that they are soooo original!)  Okay, so simple situation right? Does it bring anything to mind for you? It does to me, a great short story idea. See if you can follow my thought processes.

Okay, so the librarian has to erase the penises….what if the REAL penises of the boys are erased too? What chaos!! But wait, there’s more…

What if a shy little girl, just entering middle school wants to fit in with the ‘in crowd’? What if they dare her to draw a penis in the dictionary. And she does. What would happen to HER when her penis was erased?

How would the girl act? How would the librarian act? Is the librarian a witch who casts a spell to get back at all the boys who are defacing her precious tome? How would the principal act? The school board? The other students?

Fill in the blanks and you have a story. It could be a really wonderful one, full of humor, or it could be a macabre piece of horror. The choice is with te writer. Shoot, I don’t even know, because I haven’t actually written this story yet! But the ideas are there.

I really believe that the people who write, and write well, are often a bit cracked. It takes a warped personality to sit hour by hour at a laptop or other computer and muse over a single sentence, a single word, in order to get the meaning across from them to the reader. (I know, very convoluted sentence). These same people slave for months, often years, just to get their story to where they want it to be. Then they have to try to convince other people (agents specifically) to read it. And since that is a hit-or-miss proposition it may take years as well. Then the writer has to edit according to the dictates of the agent/editor/publisher, in order for it to be considered for publication. Then wait. And wait. And wait. Until someone says that the story is good enough, the edits are complete enough and everyone is pleased with the work.

Now understand this….all of the above work, editing, reviewing, and work (yes I said work twice) is done…get this…FOR FREE!

Writers devote their time to making a finished manuscript, short story, ect without being paid. For years. That’s right, years. How is that NOT crazy?

Why do we do it? Well it obviously is not for the money! It is because of the love for the crafted word, because there is a song in our hearts that needs to be sung. A story that needs to be told. Regardless of how long the MS might sit on the shelf while other works are in progress, it is still in the writer’s heart, and still needs to be told. I don’t know any writers who just throw a piece of work away. It just gets filed away to be played with again another time.

Anyway, this is just a small case to point out that the greatest community in the world, the writer community, is a bunch of crackpots. Myself included, of course!




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