I Know What I Was Feeling, But What Was I Thinking?

Okay, so those of you who follow my blog know that I have not posted for a long time (like 2 weeks or something). There is a reason.

Between marathon critiques, rewriting my own manuscript, taking care of my son and husband, and being an animal parent, I was getting completely overwhelmed. I no longer wanted to do any writing. IN ANY SHAPE OR FORM!

I said to myself, “Dawn” (because I do talk to myself this way) “Dawn, you need to just stop.” Of course I answered myself, “How can I stop? I have too much work to do.” Then came the “I’ll make you a deal,” (yes this really is the way I do it) “Go one week without typing anything out. No crits, no editing, no rewriting, no blogging, not nothing. Oh and don’t even read about writing, just read for fun!”

Well after a bunch more internal debate (of which I will spare you, dear reader) I decided that from Saturday til Saturday I would do just that. NOTHING. Nothing on writing. I even stopped (almost) Tweeting! Yes shocking, for those of you who know me from Twitter.

So that was my feeling as I went into what seemed to be the longest week of my life. Yeah, I know what I was feeling, but what was I thinking??

In this week, and yes I did manage to make it through the whole dang week, I realized a few things.

1) (Have you noticed I like to make lists? Hmmm, must be the scientist in me)

Anyway 1) I’m a writer. I guess I knew this before, but I really noticed it when I was having to FORCE myself not to write.

2) Vacations can suck. Especially when it is a vacation from something you love.

3)Vacations are great for clearing the mind. I don’t think I have ever had so many ideas for stories and improvements on stories as I have this week. This being said, not being able to write them, sucks.

So what was I thinking to take a full week off? I have no idea, but it did give me the perspective to realize that I WANT to write, I NEED to write and that even if I am not a GOOD writer, I AM a writer.





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6 responses to “I Know What I Was Feeling, But What Was I Thinking?

  1. Everyone says that if you want to be a writer, you should write, everyday, but guess what, you can’t. I find you need to take a break every now and then, if not for your own sanity, but to rejuvinate the creative energy. I write seriously from Monday to Friday, and weekends I goof around with it as I spend time with family.

    You need to take a break. It does no one any good if you don’t.

  2. I agree with Darke! We do need to take breaks, recharge our batteries, let our imagination run wild without being put in the harness. I bet you’re writing will feel new and refreshed now that you’ve had a break!

    Also, perspective is essential. Taking a few days to step away from our projects helps us view them more clearly when we come back.

  3. I’ll second that opinion.

    While it is true that you should try to write everyday, there is such a thing as burnout and it is just as detrimental to your abilities as not writing. Like most writing ‘rules’ the write everyday thing doesn’t take into consideration all of the variables involved. But, I find that to be true with most blanket statements. 😉

    I think you made the right decision, Dawn. You learned something about yourself, and those are the kind of discoveries that can only help to make you a better writer, 😀

  4. Cherie

    What they said. Don’t ever feel guilty about taking a break. As with all things in life, breaks are important. Good to have you back, though! I’ve missed you. ❤

  5. “Write only if you must.”

    There’s a reason they say that. A writer can’t stop, no matter how hard they try.

  6. Rachel Brooks

    I’m happy to hear that you aren’t giving up writing. Every writer has their ups and downs. The important part is to never give up. You’re sticking with it, therefore YOU GO GIRL! 😉

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