Sitting By the Dock of the Lake

Greetings from the banks of Lake Bond in Wisconsin!

It turns out that I do have some internet access out here in the quiet solitude of back roads that we call Grampa and Grandma’s house.

This is both a blessing and a curs. It means that I will be able to post things here on my blog as well as on the Speculative Fiction site in AQC, which is great, except that it means I can actually post things. *LOL* So now when I have a second of down time, I think about what I need to type about and write about.

I’m still enjoying the vacation.

We are having a blast out here, going fishing, riding the speed boat around the lake and just generally having a relaxing time. I wish I had the excuse of not having internet so I didn’t have to work. *L* But truth is, I want to write out here. It is the perfect setting for calm writing.

So, fact is, I am going to enjoy it!

Now, to business…On Wed I will be posting an interview with Ashlee Supinger and on Friday, I will be posting an interview with Peter Burton.  You’ll get to know these wonderful writers just a little bit better!

Until then, just picture me leaning back on a lounge chair against the orange tinted sand, watching the blue water lap my feet.

Wish you were here!




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  1. Enjoy your vacation, Dawn!

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