Voices in my Head

Okay, so on Mondays I usually try to tell a little bit more about myself. Sometimes it comes out well, but others (like when I’m on vacation, or when I think it is Monday but it is really Tuesday) well, I end up just kind of rambling on.

Today I actually have something to talk about!

First a musical interlude…

You could say I’m a little bit crazy

You could call me insane

Walkin’ ’round with all these whispers

Runnin’ round here in my brain

I just can’t help but hear ’em

Man, I can’t avoid it

I hear voices, I hear voices

Chris Young

So, like many writers, I do hear voices. Specifically the voices of my characters.

Well, I have been having trouble with rewrites on a couple of my chapters. Mainly because every time I would try something new my characters would get angry and sullen. I heard a lot of “You’re not telling it right!” Then they’d stop talking to me.

It wasn’t like writer’s block. I just wasn’t saying what needed to be said.

Then, finally, a breakthrough! I only had to change one little bitty character trait. It changed everything! My characters were like, “Hey, yeah, that works!” My MC was even saying, “This is awesome! I don’t sound as weak or whining as I did before. Right on!”

So, sometimes it takes a lot of working, and a lot of failure, but a moment of inspiration can save you–as long as you listen to the voices in your mind.

Remember, Thomas Edison learned how to not  make a lightbulb a thousand times before he learned one way to make it right!

Hearing voices is a good thing, as long as you don’t argue with them and let them tell you what is right!





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8 responses to “Voices in my Head

  1. Grand blog post! Sometimes it can be so difficult to feel that one has given their characters the dignity they deserve, and to do right by them in a story. I enjoyed this piece 😀

  2. Jen

    You know me…voices are always around me. Need to clean out the clutter inside my head.

  3. Well said, Sparrow!

    Keep on writing 😉

  4. I hear voices all the time too.
    They work for me and I am glad you are finding your way.

  5. Lanette Kauten

    Great post. Your characters know themselves and the story better than you do. Let them tell it.

  6. Yes, the characters do know it all. I am just the medium through which they tell their tales.

  7. An excellent post, Dawn! I love when my characters get chatty w/me, even if it’s in the middle of the night. It’s the one time I actually embrace insomnia. So glad the problem was so easy to solve this time!

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