Interview with Cherie L @writercherie

Here is the interview with Cherie L. @writercherie

1)      What genre(s) do you write? And why?

I am currently working on a Young Adult Urban Fantasy project, though I have a darker MG in the back burner with a male protag. I’ve always liked writing for YA, even before YA became über popular. I think it has something to do with the fact that I’m still really a child at heart. My husband can attest to this. J

Raising my kids, I went through every phase with them and enjoyed it. Princess everything?  You got it. I was super excited to get my little girl this huge Princess castle dollhouse for her birthday (you’d think I was getting it for myself, that’s how excited I was). When my son showed an interest for Star Wars, I bought him the complete set of DVDs (Episodes I to VI). I’ve memorized songs from Blue’s Clues, The Wiggles, The Imagination Movers, and Yo Gabba Gabba. As their interests changed and grew, I went along with it. It’s like growing up again, except for I get to stay up late and they don’t.

I write about the adventures in my head so that someday I can share it with my kids.  


2)      Tell us about your latest project. This is your chance to crow about being published, agented, or winning a contest.

My WIP is being put on hold at the moment because it’s summer and there are way too many distractions coming my way. I find that if I can’t have a large chunk of time to dedicate to my story, then I usually end up writing crap. So, to compromise, I’m writing short fiction instead. It doesn’t need a high voltage of brain power because the plot is not as long, and it keeps the creativity flowing. Mind you, just because it’s a short story doesn’t mean it is EASY. You still need to pay attention to grammar and plot structure. Short stories are challenging because of the word count limit. But I enjoy the challenge. I find myself cutting down on unnecessary verbiage and employing choice words to meet the word count constraint. It’s good editing practice.

I am not published or agented. Heck, I haven’t even sent any queries out because my ms is still unfinished (I’m a neurotic writer; I must have rewritten it four different times, from scratch!). But I like to take my time. I don’t want to ruin my chances of snagging an agent just because I was too hasty at subbing an ms that is far from ready.

On a good note, I did win Michelle Simkins’ short story blog contest. Yay!

 I know there is something I was supposed to add here, but I can’t find it. I’m sorry Cherie. 😦

3)      Other than writing, how do you like to spend your time?

My family is my first priority. I spend a LOT of time with them.  We go on vacations, we hang out, we play. (Yes, my daughter and I are competing against each other on a jump rope session!) I like playing the Wii with my little boy. I’m a stay-at-home mom so as you can see, my family is pretty much my job. But I love it, and I love them.

I also like to cook—not all the time, but I am pretty good in the kitchen. Don’t ask me to bake cakes or pastries though. I can make a rustic flat apple pie (and yes, it is yummy!) but that’s the extent of my culinary baking skills. Since I grew up inthe Philippines, my food always has that Asian flair.

But most of all, I LOVE to read. When I’m not writing, I am reading. Anything. The local library is my BFF (next to my hubby and Google J). In a good boring week, I can devour five books. I’ve passed on my love of reading to my kids—we visit the library EVERY week and never fail to come home with 30 reading materials (it’s the maximum number of stuff we can borrow). Guess who has to carry the book bag?


4)      Do you have any tattoo’s, if so where? If not, do you want any?

No tattoos. I’m not adventurous enough. I figured the only time I was going to inflict pain on myself was during childbirth. Other than that, no thank you.


5)      What is the last book you read? Did you like it?

It would have to be Ally Condie’s CROSSED. Which I loved, since it’s the sequel to MATCHED. It’s a YA dystopian with romantic elements (of course). The writing is tight and solid. Good voice, likable characters, and the plot hints at bigger societal issues.


6)      What is your advice to those who want to be authors? (I know, it’s a crummy one, but needs to be asked)

I don’t know that I have an advice that isn’t already clichéd. All I know about writing is through my own personal experience. So maybe I’ll give you what I’ve learned so far instead of handing you an advice that millions of other writers have already blogged about.

·         Write when you can. Maybe you only have 5 minutes right now, at this very instant. Sit down and write.  Even if it’s nothing related to your WIP. Just write. You never know where it’ll take you.

·         Write without the guilt. The kids are upstairs doing who knows what, and you really, really need to get started on that gourmet dinner you’ve planned. But the muse is screaming, your fingers are itching, and the words are blurring your vision. Write it down. Maybe it doesn’t have shape yet, but you can always come back to it later after dinner, or when the kids are in bed. We always think we have super memories and we can remember later, but no. I’ve regretfully forgotten scenes I had conjured in my mind because I was too guilty to sit down and indulge myself with words.

·         It’s okay to suck the first time. BUT it’s not okay to keep sucking over and over again. LEARN. EDUCATE yourself. Instead of wasting your energy whining that your writing is lamentable, go grab yourself a book on writing and read. RESEARCH. And read some more. You cannot grow if you won’t let yourself admit that you need help. No one is perfect, true, but no one achieves perfection by making the same mistakes repeatedly. I’ll say this again: LEARN.

·         Writing is no longer a solitary endeavor. Make friends, connect with other writers, and share.


7)      Tell us one thing no one knows about you.

Oh boy. I don’t know. You guys know a lot about me already. Hm. Maybe this: I have the worst case of hyperhidrosis, a condition where the body’s sweat glands are way way overactive. I hate it. My palms get sweaty when it’s hot, and when I’m uncomfortable or nervous. It sucks big time because when I draw or paint pictures, I have to put wads of paper towels under my hand so I don’t ruin my work. 


Cherie hangs out at where she blogs about writerly stuff and anything else in between. You can also find her on Twitter as @writercherie.



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3 responses to “Interview with Cherie L @writercherie

  1. Great interview ladies! Cherie, you are too a published author. You had a short story pubbed a while back from Hogglepot (wasn’t that the pub’s name?). So you should be proud of that! I loved learning even more about one of my fave sparkly pals. And Dawn, excellent job on the questions!

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