Interview with Jennifer Merritt

Here is another wonderful author who was so kind as to let me interview her! Thanks Jennifer!

1)   What genre(s) do you write? And why?

I write science fiction romance. I love books that take place in our

world with one difference. It’s easier to believe the fantastical if

everything else is familiar. I like fast, fun, quirky stories, and I

write what I like to read. I also work as a freelance journalist for an

agriculture newspaper. Playing with aliens is a nice foil to the cows

and chickens. Although when you look at the world it isn’t hard to

imagine that the aliens are already here. All you have to do is spend

some time watching the sloths at the zoo to believe.


2) Tell us about your latest project. This is your chance to crow about being published, agented, or winning a contest.

My current work in progress, Electric Impulses, is about woman named

Stella Morgan. When Stella gets upset she emits electrical pulses

strong enough to fry small appliances. She hasn’t had a working coffee

maker in years. Stella has to choose between her yummy neighbor and her

ruggedly handsome boss only one of whom is human. At the same time

she’s dodging unwanted advances from a race of particularly nasty

aliens. She’ll be lucky to avoid alien abduction and a broken heart.

I’m hoping the book and its sequel will be available in the fall.


3)   Other than writing, how do you like to spend your time?

I love to read, paint and throw pottery ( the malleable clay kind not

the shattered plate kind.) I also like to garden, but given the current

weed infestation I’m embarrassed to mention it.


4)   Do you have any tattoo’s, if so where? If not, do you want any?

Boy howdy, I wish I did. I would be so much cooler with a tattoo. I

flirted with the idea a couple of decades ago, but I’m too scared of


5)   What is the last book you read? Did you like it?

Smokin’ Seventeen by Janet Evanovich I love Stephanie, Morelli and Ranger, and Grandma Mazur and Lulu make me laugh out loud. I enjoyed the book, but without giving too much away, the sex scenes were disappointing.

6)   What is your advice to those who want to be authors? (I know, it’s a crummy one, but needs to be asked)

Write a lot and never ever stop reading. I think the best writers are readers, too.


7)Tell us one thing no one knows about you.

I really like to go to the movies by myself.


I am a freelance writer and the often harried mother of three young boys. I live in southwest Virginia with a smattering of animals who have me well-trained.  I blog at and tweet at @jenwmerritt

Awesome huh? Yeah, she’s great, thanks again Jennifer




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One response to “Interview with Jennifer Merritt

  1. Another great interview. Jennifer, your WIP sounds awesome!

    Dawn, I have an award for you on my blog today. If you have time, drop by. 🙂

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