Interview with Kate Gifford

 well here is an interview with Kate Gifford, a very gifted romance writer, and sweet friend.

1)   What genre(s) do you write? And why?

  Romance, romantic suspense.  I write romance because it always has a happy ending.  I write romantic suspense because the suspense aspect gives more dimension to a story.

2)   Tell us about your latest project. This is your chance to crow about being published, agented, or winning a contest.

My completed novel is a romantic suspense.  I am in the process of shopping it around. I am unagented. I have any many feature articles published in local newspapers.  My current work in progress is a straight romance with no suspense element.  


3)   Other than writing, how do you like to spend your time?

  Other than writing, I read at east three novels a week.  I no longer work outside the home.  I am a wife, a mother and grandmother.  I am a homemaker, babysitter and errand runner.  I enjoy my family, friends, reading, dinner theater and comedies.


4)   Do you have any tattoo’s, if so where? If not, do you want any?

I don’t have a single tatoo anywhere and I don’t want any.


5)   What is the last book you read? Did you like it?

The last book I read was a romantic comedy and I did enjoy it.


6)   What is your advice to those who want to be authors? (I know, it’s a crummy one, but needs to be asked)

Write the kind of stories you like to read.  Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t or shouldn’t write.  Write something every day, even if it’s just that you wish you had more time for writing – because time has a way of getting away from us, and pretty soon that one day you skipped writing becomes the hundredth day you skipped writing.  The longer you go without writing, the harder it is get back into it.  Read, read, read!  Hang out with other people who enjoy writing, whether in person or on-line.  Learn all you can about your craft.  Realize you are never done learning.


7) Tell us one thing no one knows about you.

  I wish I were  the woman I know to be.  

Well dear friends, here you have it. Kate Gifford!

Just to let you know, the clean up from Irene  continues around here, but at least we have power!





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2 responses to “Interview with Kate Gifford

  1. Thanks for another peek into the lives of fellow scribes and very interesting ladies!


  2. It’s always so wonderful to hear about fellow writers trying to get published! Good luck Kate!!

    Brittany Roshelle

    The Write Stuff

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