Who is the good guy, again? About protagonists

Okay, so I a, going through and relaying some things I have learned in my sabbatical from blog posting. And, boy, do I have a lot to go over! So we should really get started.

And what better place to start than with the protagonist?

I write paranormal works. No, I don’t do vampires. Or were-creatures. Or witches. Or anything you have seen before.

I created my own paranormal creature, and it was great. However, the key to the story is not really the creature or other antagonist. At least, not yet. You have to create a hero, or at least a protagonist.

What kind of protagonists are there? Well there are lots, but here are a few that cover the majority of them.

1) The average man (or woman) – This the guy or girl next door. Unfortunately for them (but great for us!) they have to deal with some sort of antagonist. In my case, a paranormal element. One thing: they get no powers to deal with it. They must rely on their wits, their smarts, and their courage. None of these characteristics are in abundance. Just the normal allotment. Somehow, they make do.

2) The reluctant one – “Supernatural? Problem? Craziness going on” i don’t deal with that stuff.” Uh oh. The protagonist doesn’t want to co-operate. They want nothing to do with the story. Well not until someone or something changes their mind. Then, well, maybe just this once they will get involved…

3) The hunter or the warrior –  This person fights the paranormal, or daily problem ALL THE TIME!  They are always willing to jump into the action and take charge. Think Xena: Warrior Princess. (a guilty pleasure to be sure!)

4) The newbie – “I don’t believe in this crap What? I have powers? Yikes!” This character usually starts out as an every-man, but quickly develops some sort of power needed to take charge and vanquish the enemy, whatever it may be. He knows just about nothing at the beginning and may be either slow or fast at learning, but learn he does.

5) The Super – This is someone born with or given great powers. They must learn how to use them, but they must defeat the antagonist before mastery. Think Harry Potter.

6) The experienced one – This is a character directly opposed to the newbie. She knows a lot about the world and has some power of her own. She is just looking for a fight. Van Helsing is a good example. (the character!)

Well, that about does it. Do you know any more? Go ahead and put them in the comments! I welcome them all.




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