Today is December 1st, an though it is not a normal day for me to post, I just have to.


I am holding my first ever flash fiction contest!

Okay so the rules are simple.

1) Must be flash fiction 1000 words or less

2) Must have paranormal elements – Now, I prefer non-stock paranormals, however, in this case go ahead and use your vampires or whatever as long as they have a neat new twist! (no sparkling vampires, please)

3) Entries are due to me by midnight EST January 15, 2012

4) Any kind of paranormal is welcome : Kid Lit, Horror, Romance, ect

Okay, then I will go through the entries, put up a few of the best, which will then be voted on by the public at large!

The prize  is a book and a metal bookmark (it’s cool, I promise) and all the fame you can garner from the contest!

Any questions? put them in comments.

Now, send the flash fiction to me at


Include your name, email, all other accounts you wish to publicized when you win!

I will not include your name or information for the voting stage.

I will not, unless specifically asked to, publish your email for any reason.

Get writing!





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  2. Well this sounds interesting..

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  4. Just submitted! I’m excited to see how this plays out…

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