Book Review: WARM BODIES by Isaac Marion

Those of you who follow my blog know that I do not do book reviews. I simply don’t. There is really no reason for it, just the way I am.

This time, I am compelled to do a review.

I have to be honest. I picked up WARM BODIES by Isaac Marion so I could analyze it. It is written in the first person present, which is also how I write. So, I wanted to see how he handles different descriptions and technical sorts of things.

Besides, I don’t like zombie stories.

While I was reading, I did pick up a few things, but only when I was really concentrating. Most of the time I read the story of R, entranced. I would flip pages and devour the words, then realize that I stopped looking at it critically 3 chapters ago.

Oh well, so much for getting a good analysis.

But what a great story! What a great novel!

I’m not telling you much about it, because the description does not sound nearly as good as the actual book.

R is a zombie. But he finds ‘life’ as a zombie unfulfilling. The other zombies moan and stumble the days away, while he attempts to ponder deeper thoughts. Then he meets Julie. He stops the other zombies from eating her (ouch, that sounds bad) and keeps her in his airplane home. He changes, and so does she. Together they represent something the world has never seen before.

Now, go read it. It really is excellent. If a zombie book can capture my attention enough that I have to write about it, it is worth your time.





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3 responses to “Book Review: WARM BODIES by Isaac Marion

  1. What a great review, Dawn! Like you, I’m not a huge fan of zombie stories (except Carrie Ryan’s, and that’s mainly because I think her prose is lovely). But this one sounds exceptional! I’m off to put it on my TBR list today…

    Oh, and Merry Christmas, little cutie! I’m so happy I met you this year, and look forward to hanging w/you more in the new one. 🙂

  2. Great little review of a top book, I’d appreciate it if you could give my review a read! Thanks!

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