Thank you so much for everyone who participated in this flash fiction contest. You guys have made this a truly marvelous success!

I could only pick six entries to go up on the polls, but everyone did a wonderful job. Thanks and congratulations.

Now, on to the winners!

6th – UNLIKELY DRAGON SLAYER – Michelle4Laughs

5th – THE CLINIC – Moonshade

4th – GHOSTLY BRIDE – Heather Jacobs

3rd – ROOFTOP – Chris Padar

2nd – ROAD’S END – William Kosh

and in 1st place is PAST DUE by Mindy McGinnis

These stories will appear individually for the next six days on my blog.

Again, thanks for making this a success. I will be doing another contest in a couple of months, maybe sooner! If you didn’t enter this time, you will have another chance!





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3 responses to “CONTEST WINNERS!

  1. Thanks so much for hosting, Dawn!

  2. glad you are happy! it was fun. another soon

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